Many of you asked for it and we listened: together with our partner Guasabro, we are happy to present you for one last time the opportunity to get the official 11th CMAS Underwater Rugby  World Championships merchandising products!

These designs are limited editions and there will not be produced again after this month. Make sure that you get your hands on them by placing an order before October 13th. 





Download the merchandising catalogue and the ordering form:










Important information


Please place grouped orders if possible.

  • For orders to be processed, you need to fill both tabs of the excel spreadsheet.

  • The contact person mentioned on the order sheet will be the one habilitated to retrieve the products.

  • To allow all orders to be produced in time, e-mail your filled-out order sheets before OCTOBER 13th (cash payment in Berlin) to


The retrieval of the orders is guaranteed at the pool during the UWR Champions Cup from November 22nd to 24th in Berlin. In case you have any questions about the products, don't hesitate to email Guasabro. 10% of the products' selling price will contribute to the funding of the World Championships. 


The organizers of the 11th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships and the Austrian Divers' Federation (TSVÖ) are not responsible for the services and products provided by third parties.

11th CMAS Underwater Rugby World Championships

27 July - 3 August 2019

Graz, Austria

Auster Sport- und Wellnessbad, Janzgasse 21

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